Kái-kek-chong Tiúⁿ-ló Kàu-hōe tī Tâi-oân

Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Presbytery Meeting, May 29, 2008, at New Hope Church's meeting space near National Taiwan University in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Members from New Hope who came to help with lunch get a picture with the presbytery.
This is the first presbytery meeting that New Hope has hosted.

Presbytery Documents

Prayer Needs

* There are about 18 churches in this denomination that was started over 30 years ago. Two or three of them are still not self-supporting and are classified as mission churches. A few are pretty strong and healthy, although the largest membership of any of the churches is less than 100 members. Pray for growth and strength and a trust in God.

* The majority of churches speak Mandarin though there are services held in Taiwanese, Hakka, and the Austronesian languages of Tayal and Amis. The instruction at the seminary is also mainly in Mandarin so new pastors are not being prepared as well to reach those speaking Holo Taiwanese or Hakka. These language-speaking groups are the least reached for the Gospel in Taiwan, yet make up the majority population in Taiwan. Please pray that there will be a vision to plant churches for speakers of all the languages in Taiwan, especially Hakka and Holo Taiwanese.

* The denomination has a very good Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei. Please pray that God will raise up more men to become pastors and church planters. Please pray for the seminary as they try to train and give practical mentorship of these men.

* Five missionaries from the PCA are teaching at the seminary: Regular Faculty: Rev. Dr. Andrew McCafferty, Rev. Dr. Dean Ulrich, Rev. Dr. Timothy Yates ; Adjunct: Pastor Tim, Rev. Dr. David White. Please pray for them and their Taiwanese colleagues... that God will give them much grace and wisdom in their labors.

* We are desiring form a stronger link between Christ College in Tamsui, the Reformed Seminary, and giving practical mentorship in pastoring and church planting among the Reformed Presbyterian churches. Ideally, every pastor in the denomination would be training and mentoring interns from the college and seminary.

* Most of the churches in the RPCT are concentrated in northern Taiwan around the cities of Hsinchu, Taipei, HsiChi and Keelung. Please pray that the Lord will raise up church planters that will open up new areas of Taiwan for the Gospel. (Rev. Joel Linton is preparing to begin a work in I-Lan County in the next year or two. He still has to learn the Taiwanese language and recruit Taiwanese coworkers.)

* Finances are always a trial for Taiwan churches because land is so expensive and church congregations in Taiwan tend to be very small. Please pray that God will keep hearts free of an over-concern for money and that Taiwanese Christians will have faith to attempt bold things and look to God to provide the finances.

* Currently there is only one presbytery (regional group of churches) in this denomination. Please pray that they will exercise great care in examining candidates for the Gospel ministry.

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