New Hope Christian Fellowship

2004 Sermon Series

Fall 2004

The Book of Ephesians

Summer 2004


5/30Chapter 1"Making Sense of the Meaninglessness of Life"
6/6Chapter 2"Meaningful Delights"
6/13Chapter 3"Appropriate Timing"
6/20Chapter 4"Overcoming the Limitations of Your Life Experience"
6/27Chapter 5"How to Really Worship God and Enjoy Life"
7/4Chapter 6"Why You Cannot Fully Enjoy Life"
7/11Chapter 7"What You Really Need to Know About Life"
7/18Chapter 8"Finding Purpose in the Midst of a Meaningless Life"
7/25Chapter 9:1-9"Living a Humble and Happy Life Before God"
8/1Chapter 9:10-18"Overcoming Time and Chance"
8/8Chapter 10:1-10"Are You Wise or Foolish?"
8/12Chapter 10:11-20"Mastering What Goes In and Comes Out of Your Mouth"
8/19Chapter 11""
8/12Chapter 12:1-8""
8/12Chapter 12:9-14""

Winter 2003 - Spring 2004

Sermon on the Mount

11/2Matthew 5:3-5"Poor in Spirit"
11/9OPEN: Eph. 4:17"Gifts and Service"
11/16Matthew 5:6-8"Hunger for God"
11/23Matthew5:7-8"Merciful & Pure Heart"
11/30Matthew 5:9-12"Peacemakers are Persecuted"
12/7Matthew 5:13-16"Salt & Light"
12/14Matthew 5:17-20"Fulfilling the Prophets"
12/28Matthew 5:21-26"Overcoming Anger"
1/4Matthew 5:27-30"Dealing with Lust"
1/11Matthew 5:33-37"No Oaths"
1/18OPEN: Mark 6:34"The Compassion of Jesus"
1/25Matthew 5:38-42"Turning the Other Cheek"
2/1Matthew 5:43-48"Loving Your Enemies"
2/8Matthew 6:1-8"How not to Pray"
2/15Matthew 6:9-10"How to Pray, Part 1"
2/22Matthew 6:11-13"How to Pray, Part 2"
2/29Matthew 6:14-15"Forgiveness"
3/7Matthew 6:16-18"Fasting"
3/14Matthew 6:19-24"Heavenly Treasure"
3/21Matthew 6:25-33"Do Not Worry about Your Life"
3/28Matthew 7:1-5"Judging Others"
4/4Matthew 7:6"Pearls Before Swine"
4/11John 21"Resurrection Day"
4/18Matthew 7:7-12"Golden Rule"
4/25Matthew 7:13-14"Narrow Gate to Life"
5/2Matthew 7:15-19"Wolves in Sheep's Clothing"
5/9Matthew 7:20-23"Shut Out From Heaven's Door"
5/16Matthew 7:24-29"Building Your Life on a Solid Foundation"

Special Topics/Other...
12/19Luke 1:26-38"Miraculous Faith"Christmas Message

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