Budget and Activities for Short-Term Mission Teams

You might be interested in coming out to Taiwan on a short term team. But you want to be a help to your missionary, not a hindrance. And you're not sure, is the presence of your church members really helpful to the mission? Is is cost effective?

So here is an answer to some of those questions:

Do we want short term teams?


What would your budget be like and what would you do?


There are several issues related to the budget:

1. Do you want to go through MTW or arrange everything yourselves?

2. Budget issues: The number of people will affect different things like housing costs.

So some of this budget depends on what you would be doing.

Turning to what you would be doing:

The goal of short-term teams is to be a catalyst to further develop ministries already in effect or to help expand ministries to new areas. (I never think the main goal of the short-term team is to introduce members to the idea of missions. That may be a secondary effect, but God can call people without having them travel half-way around the world.)

This goal is accomplished in several ways:

The very fact of your presence is an excuse to do outreach events or impetus to do extra things in ministry. Also, it is a chance for the missionary to try a new approach.

Areas of activity:

1. Aiding Existing Church plants.


2. Targeting and/or Surveying New Areas

3. For the ST-team:

Please let us know if your church has any specific questions.

In Christ,


Rev. Joel H. Linton
Missionary to Taiwan ---Team: Taiwan Church Planting Partners
Mission to the World

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