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This quote in Taiwanese has a list of words about God... but they are a list of adjectives in Taiwanese that some of you might not be familiar with... could any of you tell me which of these words have common usage? Thanks, JOEL (In\ Chu/ Liat')

A\~beng-! Goan- o~lo/, eng^~kng, ti\~hui-, kam/~sia-, chun~kui\, koan^~leng^, khui\~lat', kui di- lan/ e^ Siong-~te\, kau\ tai- tai- bo^ chin-. A\~beng-!

Khe/~si-~liok' 7:12

Here's a glossary:

goan- : "May ... it be ..."

o~lo/ : "praise" (V = verb)

eng^~kng : "glory" (N = Noun); (SV = Stative Verb) glorious; (V) glorify

ti\~hui- : wisdom (N)

kam/~sia- : thanks (Ve = Verb of emotional state)

chun~kui\ : nobility, eminence (N); eminent, noble (SV)

koan^~leng^ : power (Creative and sustaining) (N)

khui\~lat' : strength (N)

kui : complete, whole (Det. = Determiner)

ti- : be at, be in, be on (V)

lan/ : we, us (inclusive)

e^ : attributive marker (possessive)

Siong-~te\ : the Supreme God, the Most High God

kau\ : arrive, reach (V)

tai- : generations (tai- tai-)

bo^ : do not have (Vneg)

chin- : exhaust (power), expend (energy) (V)

A\~beng- : transliteration of the Hebrew word "Amen" meaning ("May it be so!" or "I agree."

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