Categories for Course of Study, for Non-Seminary Training under Mentor
Joel Linton, Candidate Under Care of the Northern California Presbytery of the PCA, October 2000 to October 2004

English Bible

Hendrickson, William - More than Conquerors (on the Last Things/Book of Revelations) (fin. 1/26/01)

Studies Taught -
- Adult Sunday School Series - 1 Peter, at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, TAIWAN (Spring 2003)
- Basics of the Bible (taught a home fellowship group series geared to help Taiwanese evangelize their family members and friends)
Studies Written/Prepared (trained another man to teach)
- Galatians, at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, TAIWAN (fall 2003)

(See also: attached list of sermons preached organized by Scripture text.)

Systematic Theology

Berkhof, Luis - Manual on Christian Doctrine (fin. 8/2004)
Berkhof, Luis - Systematic Theology (selected readings)
Calvin, John - Institutes of the Christian Religion (selected readings)
Ferguson, Sinclair - The Holy Spirit (finished 7/26/01)
Grudem, Wayne - Systematic Theology (selected readings)
Morris, Leon - The Atonement (fin. 4/17/01)
Murray, John - The Imputation of Adam’s Sin (fin. 2001)
Murray, John - Redemption: Accomplished and Applied (fin. 2001)
Robertson, O. Palmer - The Final Word (fin. 3/30/2004)
Van der Walt, B. J. - Anatomy of Reformation

Audited Course: Gaffin, Richard - “Resurrection in Paul” at Reformed Theological Seminary, Taipei, Taiwan (Jan. 2003)

Gentry, Kenneth L. , Jr. - In Defense of Creeds (fin. 8/24/2004)

Wrote and submitted theological paper on the baptism with the Spirit and the Pentecost Event to the Northern California Presbytery in the summer of 2004.


Clowney, Edmund P. - Preaching and Biblical Theology (fin. 1999)
Fee, Gordon D. - New Testament Exegesis (fin. 7/21/2004)
Lloyd-Jones, D. M. - Preaching & Preachers (fin. 2004)
(See also: List of sermons preaches and the list of discussions/training with T.E. Conkling)

Basic Theology
• The Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechisms ( I have read, studied many times.)

Practical Theology
Barna, George - The Second Coming of the Church
Baxter, Richard - The Reformed Pastor (fin. 11/5/2003)
Frame, John M. - Contemporary Worship Music: A Biblical Defense (fin. 4/25/02)
Gaffin, Richard B., Jr. - Perspectives on Pentecost (finished 7/21/2003)
Hinton, Keith - Growing Churches Singapore Style (fin. 1/7/2003)
Hughes, R. Kent - Disciplines of a Godly Man (fin. 1997)
Keller, Timothy J. - Ministry of Mercy (fin. 2003)
Lloyd-Jones, D. M. - The Sovereign Spirit (finished 8/8/01)
MacArthur, John - Charismatic Chaos (fin. 1/10/01)
Machen, J. Gresham - Christianity & Liberalism (fin. 7/31/2003)
Miller, C. John - Outgrowing the Ingrown Church (fin. 1997)
Miller, C. John - Come Back, Barbara (fin. 1999)
Miller, Rose Marie - From Fear To Freedom (fin. 1999)
Provan, Charles D. - The Bible and Birth Control (fin. 9/9/03)

PCA Digest: Position Papers 1973-93 vol 5 by Paul R. Gilchrist (fin. 9/2004)

Martin, A.N. - The Practical Implications of Calvinism (fin. 8/2004)
Murray, Iain H. - The Psalter - the Only Hymnal? (fin. 9/11/2004)

(I recommend this pamphlet especially for those whose consciences have become bound or become doubting about the freedom we have in our worship of God with song)
Payton, Leonard R. - Reforming Our Worship Music (fin. 9/11/2004)

Christian Music 2004 (A Conference for Ethnic Chinese Churches - San Francisco, California, September 5-7)

tape series:
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Reformed Spirituality Conference (fin. 4/9/02)
[Lectures: "Communion w/God" by Ian Hamilton, "The Puritan Practice of Meditation" & "Seeing God’s Glory" by Joel Beeke, "The Lord’s Day and Communion with God" by Joseph Pipa, "Experimental Calvinism" by Ian Hamilton, "John Calvin’s Spirituality" by James McGoldrick, "The Glory & Beauty of God" Joseph Pipa, "Redemptive-Historical Preaching" by William Dennison, "Critique of Redemptive-Historical Preaching" by John Carrick]

World Harvest Mission, Sonship Discipleship Series, Lessons 1-12 (fin. 1999)

The PCA Book of Church Order
Witherow, Thomas - The Apostolic Church, Which is It? (fin. 1990)

Otis, John M. - Distinctives of Biblical Presbyterianism (fin. 8/24/2004)

Biblical Languages
Hebrew I, II - International College and Graduate School (2000-2001)
Greek I, II - ICGS (2000-2001)
Greek III, IV - audited at ICGS (2000-2001)

Clark, Gordon H. - Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticisms (fin. 1999)
Metzger, Bruce Manning - The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption and Restoration (finished 7/14/2004)

Wrote and submitted exegetical paper on 1 Timothy 3:8-13 to the Northern California Presbytery,
Summer 2004

Murray, John - Christian Baptism (fin. 11/22/2002)
Readings on the Sacraments from
Berkhof’s Manual on Christian Doctrine
Calvin’s Institutes
Grudem’s Systematic Theology

Benton, Dr. W. Wilson - Your Baby’s Baptism (fin. 2004)
Marston, George W. - Biblical Baptism (fin. 2004)

taught: Adult Sunday School Class on Sacraments, in Introduction to Christianity Series, New Hope Christian Fellowship, Spring 2004

DeYoung, Donald B. - Dinosaurs and Creation (finished 9/20/2004)
(I recommend this book for those wavering on whether modern scientific hypotheses or a literal 6 day creation is true.)
Frame, John M. - Apologetics to the Glory of God (fin. 1996)
Scott, Latayne Colvett - The Mormon Mirage (fin. 3/17/01)
Lewis, C.S. - Mere Christianity
Sanneh, Lamin - Whose Religion Is Christianity? (fin. 3/31/2004)
Schaeffer, Francis - How Should We Then Live?
Sproul, R. C. - Reason to Believe
Reginaldo, Peter M. - Atheists, Agnostics, and Deists in America (fin. 7/18/01)
Weber, Eugen - Apocalypses: Prophecies, Cults, and Millenial Beliefs through the Ages (fin. 3/20/02)

Church History and Biography
Augustine - Confessions
Berkhof, Luis - History of Christian Doctrine (fin. 10/18/00)
Christie-Murray, David - A History of Heresy (finished 11/5/01)
Eusebius - Ecclesiastical History (fin. 1996)
Houghton, S. M. - Sketches from Church History (fin. 1999)
Hulse, Erroll - An Introduction to the Puritans (fin. 2002)
Jones, Timothy Paul - Christian History Made Easy (fin. 8/14/2004)
Josephus - Autobiography (finished 3/26/01)
Lutzer, E. - Hitler's Cross
Murray, Iain H. - D. Martin Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years (fin. 4/16/02)
Murray, Iain H. - D. Martin Lloyd-Jones: The Fight of Faith 1939-1981 (fn. 11/18/02)
Murray, Iain H. - Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography (finished 6/21/2004)
Post, Don & Chuck Frost - History of Presbyterianism in America (fin. 4/12/02)
Purves, Jock - Fair Sunshine (A record of the persecution of the Scottish Covenanters) (fin. 2000)
Taylor, Dr. & Mrs. Howard - Biography of Hudson Taylor (fin. 1999)

Ling, Dr. Samuel - Christianity & Western Culture (fin. 1/18/02)

Missions and Evangelism
Adeney, David H. - China: The Church's Long March (fin. 1999)
Adeney, David H. The Unchanging Commission (fin. 12/4/00)
Ahn, Ki-Chang - The Lighthouse and the Evangelization of Korea's Rural and Fishing Communities (read multiple times)
Blair, William & Bruce Hunt - The Korean Pentacost and the Sufferings Which Followed (fin. 1999)
Brown, G. Thomas - Not by Might, A Century of Presbyterians in Korea (fin. 6/10/02)
Chao, Dr. Jonathan, ed. - The China Mission Handbook (fin. 1999)
Hiebert, Paul - Anthropological Insights for Missionaries (fin. 1999)
Kang & Nelson - The Discovery of Genesis
Miller, C. John - A Faith Worth Sharing (fin. 5/10/2002)

Taiwan Missions, Culture & History
Caltonhill, Mark - Private Prayers and Public Parades: Expl. Religious Life of Taipei (fin. 9/26/03)
Campbell, Rev. William - Formosa Under the Dutch (fin. 2000)
Campbell, Rev. William - Sketches from Formosa (fin. 3/25/2003, about early missions in Taiwan)
Copper, John F. - Taiwan: Nation State or Province? (finished 8/20/01)
Hamilton, Rev. & Mrs. E. H. - China Diary (finished 6/22/2004)
Hsu, Mutsu - Culture, Self and Adaptation: The Psychological Anthropology of Two Malayo-Polynesian Groups in Taiwan (fin. 6/2003)
Johnston, John D. - The God Planned Life (missionary memoirs - South China, then working with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, working among the Hakka) (fin. 2003)
Keliher, Macabe - Out of China: A History of 17th Century Taiwan (fin. 9/18/03)
MacKay, George - From Far Formosa (fin. 4/14/03) ... early mission work in North Taiwan
Pickering, William A. - Pioneering in Formosa (fin. 3/12/03)
Rutter, Owen - Through Formosa (fin. 2000)

Theological/Practical Discussions/Studies

IN ADDITION to the Books studied above, I met with my presbytery-appointed mentor, Teaching Elder Tim Conkling, weekly during my internship at Trinity Presbyterian Church - Kailua in fall 2000 - fall 2001, working through and having in depth discussions on the materials being studied covering both practical aspects of ministry and systematic theology. Additionally since then, I have worked closely with Rev. Conkling in Taiwan continuing my studies and helping him with church planting up to the point of taking my ordination exams in fall 2004.

In-depth and extensive discussions on topics including:

• Preaching (In 2003, T.E. Conkling did intensive training in preaching, and worked with me multiple times on each sermon, first with general approach to the passage, then with my sermon notes/manuscript, then after correction, with my sermon presentation, and then finally a followup after I had preached the sermon. This not only included the substance of the message, but the presentation, and the application to the hearers. See the attached list of sermons preached.)
• Church officers and government
• How to train men for ministry
• How to moderate a church session meeting
• How to lead the congregation in worship with song
• How to lead question and answer times
• Strategies for evangelism
• The role of women in the church and in the home
• The Bible’s teaching on marriage and divorce and singleness
• Biblical counseling (I also was able to observe several very sensitive sessions where T.E. Conkling was counseling married couples)
• The ministry of the Holy Spirit in a believer and in the church
• Revivals
• The charismatic movement
• Confronting homosexuality and evangelizing those practicing it
• Gently, but firmly dealing with unruly members in the congregation
• Gently bringing erring churches and leaders back to orthodoxy (T.E. Conkling ’s experience with turning around Friendship Presbyterian Church - Taipei from liberalism... as well as recently correcting a women who thinks she is a prophetess and wishes to be the leader of a church)
• Distinguishing between issues and attitudes when confronting people, as well as assessing which issues are core and need to be dealt with immediately versus which are secondary and can only be approached once the core issues are dealt with
• Dealing with Mormons
• Chinese cultural background of Taiwan, and its impact on the church in Taiwan
• Evangelism in China among the house church Christians
• Major struggles/issues in the church in Taiwan
• Heresies in the church in Taiwan


Numbers 13:26-14:4 "Acting out of Faith instead of Fear"
12/17/00 at SCF-Kapolei (PCA)

Psalm 23 "Why Do You Fear?" 8/8/99 at HCCC
Proverbs 3:5-6 "Leadership"
2/26/95 at Asian American Church, Long Island

Ecclesiastes 2 “Meaningful Delights”
6/6/04 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

Ecclesiastes 6 “Why You Cannot Fully Enjoy Life”
7/4/04 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

Isaiah 8:11-22 "Whom Do You Fear?"
12/9/94 at Asian American Church, Long Island

Isaiah 53 "Do I Look Cool?" 6/20/99 at HCCC
Isaiah 53 "The Gift of Christ"
12/11/94 at Asian American Church, Long Island

Ezekiel 37:1-14 "Can These Bones Live?"
7/22/01 at Second City Fellowship, Kapolei (PCA)

Matthew 6:31-33 “Seeking What Satisfies” (Evangelistic message)
10/5/03 at Da An Presbyterian Church - Da An District, Taipei, Taiwan

10/12/03 at Bang Ka Presbyterian Church - Wan Hua District, Taipei, Taiwan

10/19/03 at Shuang Lian Presb. Church - Taipei, Taiwan

11/2/03 at Song Shan Presb. Church - Song Shan District, Taipei, Taiwan

11/7/03 at Friday Evening Concert - Televised on Good TV, Taipei, Taiwan

11/9/03 at Bread of Life Church - Da An District, Taipei, Taiwan

5/29/04 at Da An Presbyterian Church Outreach Concert, Taipei, Taiwan

5/30/04 at Nankang Grace Church, Nankang District, Taipei, Taiwan

Matthew 7:7-12 “The Golden Rule’s Good News” 4/18/2004 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, TAIWAN
Matthew 16:13-18 "I Will Build My Church" 10/13/02 at Grace Christian Church, TienMu, Taipei, TAIWAN
(They are members of Evangelize China Fellowship, an Evangelical denomination in Taiwan)

Matthew 19:16-26 "How Can I Face God’s Judgement?"
2/4/01 at Taiwanese Ministry of First Pres. Honolulu (PCUSA)

Matthew 28:16-20 “God’s Job for You”
3/21/04 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Florence, AL (PCA)

Luke 20:45-21:4 "God Opposes the Proud" 6/24/01 at SCF-Kapolei (PCA)
John 1:12-13 “How to Become a Child of God”
7/13/04 at the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Taiwan’s Youth Summer Camp, Christ College, Kuandu, Taiwan

John 1:35-42 "Hear, Follow, Tell"
9/17/00 at SCF-Kapolei (PCA)

John 6:24-40 "Eat Jesus"
10/15/00 at Taiwanese Pres. Church of Hawaii (PCUSA)

John 10:1-10 "Discovering Jesus, the Only Way to Safety and Sustenance"
2/2/03 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, TAIWAN

John 10:11-18 "Follow the Only Leader Who Really Loves You"
2/9/03 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

Acts 17:16-34 "Our Ignorance of God"
2/27/00 at Huntsville Chinese Christian Church

Romans 5:1-8 "God’s Love Toward Us"
1/5/03 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

1/19/03 at Chu-Bei Bread of Life Church, Chu-Bei, Taiwan

Romans 7:14-8:4 "Two Natures" 8/23/96 at Faith Church of Manhattan
Romans 8:14 "How Are We Lead By the Spirit?"
10/22/00 at Trinity Windward (PCA)

5/25/01 at HCCC-Hunstville, AL

Romans 8:28 "Even the Bad Things are In Our God’s Good Hands"
1/14/01 at Trinity - Windward (PCA)

Romans 8:31 "The Judge of All Has Spoken About You"
2/18/01 at Trinity - Windward (PCA)

Romans 8:32 "We have the Greatest Assurance"
3/4/01 at Trinity - Windward (PCA)

4/21/01 at SCF-Kapolei (PCA)

5/20/01 at Chinese Christian Church of VA (PCA)

6/3/01 at Redeemer Pres. Florence, AL (PCA)

10/4/01 at No. Cal. Presbytery Meeting, Concord, CA

3/17/02 at HCCC, Huntsville, AL
Romans 11:7-10 "Have You Hardened Your Heart?"
8/5/01 at Trinity - Windward (PCA)

8/12/01 at Taiwanese Ministry of First Pres. Honolulu (PCUSA)

Romans 14:19-15:7 “Gracious Acceptance in the Church and Home”
9/14/03 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

2 Corinthians 10:1-18 "Religious Pride vs. Spiritual Humility"
6/25/00 at Redeemer Pres. Florence, AL (PCA)

2 Corinthians 10-13 "Spiritual Pride"
11/21/99 at First Pres. Muscle Shoals, AL (ARP)

"Spiritual Humility"
11/28/99 at First Pres. Muscle Shoals, AL (ARP)

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 "Why Does God Not Take Away My Pain?"
7/2/00 at Redeemer Pres. Florence, AL (PCA)

Galatians 3:26-4:7 "Adopted into God's Family"
3/12/00 at HCCC, Huntsville, AL

Ephesians 4:25-26 “Godly Communication in Your Relationships”
9/28/2003 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

Philippians 2:1-16 "How Might We Celebrate Christmas?"
12/26/99 at First Pres. Muscle Shoals, AL (ARP)

Philippians 3:1-11 "Success Is Knowing Christ"
6/4/2000 at Formosan Presbyterian of Orange County

6/11/2000 at San Diego Taiwanese Presbyterian Church

1 Thessalonians 1:4-10 "Your Life of Evangelism"
7/23/2000 at Evangelical Formosan Church of Orlando

1 Thessalonians 2:13-20 “Has God Spoken to You Lately?”
4/27/2003 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 “Godly Ambition”
5/23/2003 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

1 Thessalonians 5:12-15 “God Has a Job for You in the Church”
6/22/2003 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

1 Thessalonians 5:25-26 “Genuine Affection”
7/13/2003 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

1 Thessalonians 5:27-28 “Grace from Jesus for Your Whole Life”
7/20/2003 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

1 Timothy 2:11-15 "God’s Role for Men and Women: Leaders and Followers"
6/16/02 (AM) at Huntsville Chinese Christian Church, AL

6/16/02 (PM) at First Presbyterian Church, Tuscumbia, AL (PCA)
6/23/02 at Redeemer Presbyterian, Florence, AL (PCA)

Hebrews 4:13-16 "I Will Arise" 8/25/96 at Faith Church of Manhattan
Hebrews 13:17 "How to Follow the Leaders in God’s Church"
6/30/2002 at Redeemer Presbyterian (PCA), Florence AL

James 1:22 "From Listening to Doing" 10/21/01 at SCF-Kapolei, HI
12/30/2001 at Redeemer Presbyterian (PCA), Florence, AL

2 Peter 1:1-11 "Effective and Productive Christians" 1/9/00
Revelation 3:7-13 "A Weak Church" at FPC-MS
Revelation 22:12-21 "Jesus Is Coming to Take Over the World"
3/9/03 at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, Taiwan

Other Speaking Engagements

• 2 Samuel 16:23, 17:23 "What Gives You Life" 5/16/02 First Priority Christian club meeting at Hibbett Middle School, Florence, Alabama
• Romans 10:13-15 "Bringing the Good News" 11/7/00 Chapel Service, Trinity Christian School, Kailua, Hawaii
• ----------- "How God Called Me to be a Missionary" 11/17/00 at International College and Graduate School Thanksgiving dinner
• ----------- "A Calling is Different from a Career" 2/27/01 at International College and Graduate School’s potluck
• Romans 1:16-17 "How God Called Me to Taiwan" 8/5/01 Testimony at the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
• "God Dwelling with His People" 10/26/01 at Concert of Praise and Thanksgiving, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Kailua, Hawaii
• “Christianity and Cross-Cultural Marriages” 7/25/2000 at meeting of the Evangelical Formosan Church of Orlando
• “How a Father’s Love Points to God’s Love” May 14, 2000 at a Mother’s Day Celebration at the Grand Formosa Regent Hot