Books to Read Before You Come to a Hasty Conclusion on Global Warming

(especially after Al Gore getting a Nobel Peace Prize)

It won't hurt to hear the other side of the debate, and you might find that they have a few truths inconvenient for Al Gore and downright embarrassing for the Nobel Prize Committee

  • Supposed sea level rise -- scientists doctored data.
  • Video everyone should see: Al Gore vs. Climate Scientists

  • Cool It: A Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming - by Bjorn Lomborg
    [Read an editorial by Bjorn Lomborg]

  • David Frum writes that northern Europe and Greenland used to be much WARMER back in A.D. 1300. That was 700 years ago, long before we had cars or burned oil, and long before Al Gore's graph purportedly shows a correllation (not causality) between carbon dioxide increases and temperature increases. That is why Norseman had colonies in Greenland, etc. Read more here. These facts of the pre-industrial age would tend to support the theory that global warming and cooling are natural (possibly solar) cycles that have been going on long before human populations got large and started burning fossil fuels.

  • In all the dislike of fossil fuels these days, everyone is touting "biofuel" made from sugar-cane, corn, you name it. The problem is that the amount of intensive agricultural land needed to produce usable quantities of this biofuel is actually driving the destruction of forests (to clear land for crops) as well as reducing the availability of food in poor countries and driving up the price. Read more from the BBC and the Financial Post. My friend who owns a German restaurant in Taipei said food prices are going up like crazy, on the staples -- grains and the meat that comes from livestock who eat the feed that comes from grains. Poor people's staple foods are suddenly being taken away. Biofuels can also cause other unintended consequences like increased levels of pollutants such as ozone which may be beneficial in the upper atmosphere but are destructive at ground-level where they cause lung problems, etc. and where they cannot actually get to the upper atmosphere.

  • Here is more analysis regarding global warming's causes.

  • And now we see the unintended consequences finally being examined -- article January 14, 2008 from BBC News.

    The problem is that they do not stop and consider other unintended consequences, but simply press on first and ask the questions after the fact like this issue with bio-fuel.

  • Reports of record cooling [*] in 2008 and of glaciers growing [*], that's right, you heard it --- cooling and glacier growing.
  • Another report about how predictions by a prominent climate-alarmist about California's climate have turned out to be false.
  • This blog keeps track of how news headlines and media manipulate public perspective on this scientific issue of the earth's climate, observable changes and hypothesized causes.
I'm planning to gradually add to a list of scientists who disagree or are very skeptical about the human-CO2-causes-global-warming thinking: (NOTE: of course in the beginning until I have time to look everyone up, this list will look ridiculously small. But I'll try to put links so that you can go see what they say. I list these names so you can do a simple websearch or wiki search and find out their perspectives. Some of the wiki links are provided for convenience. You can judge their statements. As I get more time to read up on them, I may try to sift whose-who.)

Vladimir Bashkirtsev (solar physicist, Russia),
Timothy Ball (climatologist, Canada),
John R. Christy, Ph.D. (climatologist - University of Alabama Huntsville) [good entry in wiki],
Piers Corbyn (astrophysicist, United Kingdom),
Robert Durrenberger (climatologist),
Eigil Friis-Christensen, Ph.D. (geophysics, Denmark) [wiki],
Vincent Gray, Ph.D. (Physical chemistry, New Zealand) [*],
Madhav Khandekar, Ph.D. (meteorologist, Environment Canada),
David R. Legates, Ph.D. (climatologist, University of Delaware)
Galina Mashnich (solar-physicist, Russia),
Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. (climatologist, University of Virginia) [book: Meltdown],
Nathan Paldor, Ph.D. (oceonagraphy & meteorology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem) [*],
Paul Reiter, Ph.D. (entomologist, Pasteur Institute, Paris) [wiki],
Harrison Schmitt, Ph.D. (Geologist; Astronaut) [Boston Herald Article]
Fred Singer, Ph.D. (Atmospheric Physicist - Florida) [wiki],
Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin (Oceanography - Russia),
Dr. Roy Spencer (Climatology - NASA, University of Alabama Huntsville),
David Wojick, Ph.D. (mathematics, U.S.A.),
Miklós Zágoni, Ph.D. (physicist, Hungary) [note: he was a former global warming activist],
Antonio Zichichi (physicist, Italy)

, See more names in a US Senate report

Non-scientists (substantially involved in the debate)

Lord Monckton,