Recommended Reading

There are many good books in the world, too many. But at the same time, most of them are not read or recommended by the schools. And much bad information and teaching comes through the books that are often recommended.

So here is a list of books, given under different cateries, that I will periodically update. These are the books that will give a good foundation, or will turn the tables on some long-held and taught belief that is actually incorrect.

  • 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus - Charles C. Mann © 2005, pub. Alfred A. Knopf, New York
    You can learn so much from this book in so many areas: e.g. America was not a preserve of wild-lands, but a carefully managed landscape that American Indians regularly burned to keep down the underbrush. Slash and burn "primitive" societies were actually developed after Europeans came with their iron and steal (traditional tools would have taken too long to clear forestlands). Pre-European America knew nothing of slash-and-burn but only careful husbandry of the land. There were more "virgin" forests in the 1800s and 1900s than any time in the known history of America.

  • The Eaglet - Arra Avakian © 2003, pub. Winepress Publishing ISBN 1-57921-453-3
    Read a story of how Armenia, a small Christian nation, in the 5th century chose to fight and won their freedom when they were threatened with forced conversion by a massive neighbor, the Persian Empire.These kinds of books are needed for the next generation to envision resisting tyranny no matter what the odds.

  • Fair Sunshine - Jock Purves © 1968, pub. The Banner of Truth, ISBN 0 85151 136 8
    When faced with torture and death, would you compromise, just a little on your faith, and say that the government is the head of the church instead of Christ? Simple Scottish Christians refused to, and so they faced The Killing Times

On Being Parents

  • Dr. Denmark Said It - Madia L. Bowman pub. by Caring for Kids Inc.
    Today's new parents get a lot of bad advice (even from pediatricians) on caring for their babies. The babies and the parents both end up exhausted and the child sick for lack of simple good common-sense advice from Dr. Denmark, a 108 year old peditrician who practiced medicine for 70 years and saw all the child-care fads come and go, and Madia Bowman, a mother of eleven children. It works. Take a look and see for youself.

  • To Train Up a Child - Michael & Debi Pearl © 1994, avail. No Greater Joy Ministries, ISBN 1-892112-00-0
    In this era when the UN Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children finds that any kind of corporal punishment (e.g. spanking a child) is unacceptable, read the Biblical truth of how when used appropriately inflicting a little sting of pain on a child's body is exactly what a loving parent needs to do, and will save a child from putting himself in physical danger (like touching a flame) and also moral danger (walking down a path that leads to hell). The U.N. says that to spank your child is to hate your child, but the Bible says that to NOT spank your child is to hate your child. If you are not informed on this issue and do not speak out, spanking might be banned in your country. Can you imagine parents being arrested by governments because they did the loving thing and disciplined their children?

On Taiwan
  • Formosa Betrayed - George H. Kerr © 1965, 2d Ed. 1992, 2005, pub. Taiwan Publishing Co.
    If you want to understand why Taiwan is in the strange state of "unrecognized" sovereignty, read this heart-wrenching account of the post-WWII Taiwan where Chiang Kai Shek's Nationalist Party siezed control, corrupted and subverted the government and massacred thousands of Taiwanese who sought to object to the corruption.

  • Heijin: Organized Crime, Business, and Politics in Taiwan - Ko-lin Chin © 2003 M. E. Sharpe, Inc. ISBN 0-7656-1220-8
    Read how the corruption legacy of the Nationalist Party's forty years of military dictatorship has led to many of today's links between public officials and organized crime.

  • From Far Formosa - George L. Mackay orig. 1896, Reprinted 2002, S.M.C. Publishing Inc., Taiwan, ISBN 957-638-072-3
    Read about the first missionary work among the Taiwanese Hoklo and Aboriginal tribes in North Taiwan in the 1800's

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