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Joel was born in South Korea into a family with a multi-generational legacy of mission work in Korea. Judy was born in Taiwan into a non-Christian family.

God brought both of them to know Him in their childhood --- Joel in middle school, Judy in high school. During their college years, God put missions on their hearts. They both pursued graduate degrees useful for "tentmaking" in East Asia.

They married in 1998, and soon after, God called them to Taiwan to a lifetime service of church planting and evangelism. So they began training and raising support for the mission field. In 2000, God blessed them with a beautiful daughter, Faith. He has since added four more daughters to the family, Charis, Ashlyn, Saorsa, and Seren. In 2002, the Linton's moved to Taiwan to begin their work. They helped start New Hope Church - Taipei in January 2003 and have helped with other church plants since then.

In the Fall of 2004, Joel took a series of written then oral exams for ordination. He was ordained as a pastor and missionary on November 19th, 2004 by the Northern California Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America (He is now currently a member of the Providence Presbytery in north Alabama.)

In addition to caring for a growing family, Joel & Judy keep busy. Joel is the field director for Mission Sending Service. Joel started worship services for a church plant in rural Taiwan in May of 2019. The church is called K B Church (Riverside Reformed Presbyterian Church). Joel also trains Taiwanese men to become ruling elders, mentors Taiwanese church planters, trains missionary interns, and serves on oversight committees for several church plants. In May of 2016, Joel was awarded a doctorate in applied theology (D.Min.) from Birmingham Theological Seminary after having spent five years of study in the program. He wrote his dissertation on starting and sustaining healthy rural churches. This research has been helpful for rural church planting works in Taiwan.

Because of her life story, the tragedy that befell her family and made her known throughout Taiwan, Judy focused on more public evangelism in the mass media through her music and the release of her autobiography. She published an infant care book in Taiwan in 2006 which has enabled her to connect with thousands of moms around Taiwan. She has since published one more book on child training and one followup Q & A book. She often meets with young parents and hosts them at her home. As our new rural church plant uses the Taiwanese language, Judy has been working on compiling good hymns in the language to use in worship. She also revised a translation of Martin Luther's famous hymn, "A Mighty Fortress is Our God."

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