In 2004, Taiwan Church Planting Partners teamed up with New Hope Christian Fellowship and Song Shan Reformed Presbyterian Church to help plant a church in the Lotus Hill Community of Hsi Chi City. In 2005, they began regular bi-lingual worship services every Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m.
Regular attendance is around 25-35 people.

See a population/church ratio for HsiChi City. In the Lotus Hill Community, this church is the only church present.


Some Current Members: John and Margaret, Casper and Talita, Johannes, Henry Oh, Jake & Hingdi, Jan, Gilberto and Salmira, George and Wilma, Catherine, Vincent and Rose, I-Ming and Wanzu ... Randy Chang from New Hope Taipei translates every week. Rev. Daniel Tsai from Song Shan R.P.C.T., Rev. Joel Linton (TCPP), Rev. David White (MTW) and Pastor Tim (CCPP) alternate in the preaching.

Randy Chang translates for Rev. Daniel Tsai who is leading worship.

Directions & Worship Time

Phone: 02.2690.8422
You can find the Lotus Hill Community Church in the Lobby level of building C-9.

If you come into the front entrance of the community past the guard post, stay right and go down the driveway; you will see it on the right. Look for the brightly lit room with the "House of Rock" sign. We meet every Sunday for dinner at 6:30pm and praise, teaching, and fellowship from 7-8:30pm. See the satellite picture of the community.

Prayer Needs

* The Lotus Hill Christians really have a heart for outreaching to their neighbors. Please pray that God will give them wisdom and that they will make the most of every opportunity.

* A bi-lingual format has advantages, but it can be intimidating for Taiwanese whose English is not good and who have to face trying to communicate with all the foreigners each weak. Please pray that the church can adequately meet these kinds of needs and overcome these barriers.

* The church still has some growing to do before it can become a self-supporting church. Please pray for its growth in numbers and the growth of the members in their faith and understanding of the doctrine taught in the Bible. Pray that they will be able to fully function as part of the body of Christ in a local congregation..

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