Missionary Internship Program with Taiwan Church Planting Partners

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"Starting churches is not for cowards. It takes people who are willing to walk into spiritual battle and stay at their post. It is relentless, draining work. It takes everything out of you, and then it demands more.
Church plants begin with vision, but they continue by means of endurance. Starting a new congregation is more like a marathon than a sprint. When we send church planters to pioneer new works, it is as if we put a giant target on their backs. All sorts of spiritiual and emotional snipers start aiming for them." -- Kevin Adams, pub. in Today, the Family Altar May - June 2006, © 2006 Back to God Hour

Do you feel drawn to the type of battle described above? God may be calling you into church-planting missions.

TCPP's internship program is designed to help equip missionary interns, connecting them with missionaries to expose them to the field of battle, help them confirm God's call, build their endurance and prepare them for a possible life time of service as a missionary in Taiwan.

Depending on your background and needs -- We try to expose you to all parts of the work and then put you to work, covering areas of church-planting, evangelism, discipleship, outreach, planning and organization, and exposure to the life of foreign missions and the culture of Taiwan...