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Book of Galatians Galatians Bible Study - Joel H. Linton

Week 1 ~~~ Overview

For this first week, we will read through the whole book of Galatians.
Take turns reading out loud.

Have you ever done this in a Bible study class?
In Israel, they often did this when they came together. The priests were instructed to publicly read God's Word when the Israelites gathered in their assemblies. The New Testament churches also read out loud Paul's letters like you are doing today.
Publicly reading entire books helps you see the overall picture and tone of the letter.

As you read together, try to understand the basic overall purpose of the author wrote this letter, and also his major points and what he is emphasizing.


Q1: Share with each other your overall impressions of Galatians. Did any verses particularly catch your attention?

What were some major points of Paul's letter to the Galatians?


Q2: Who wrote Galatians?

(A: Trick questions... Paul wrote it... but also the Holy Spirit wrote it. If people have questions on that see... 2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 3:16)

Q3: To whom was it written?

(A: Trick question: It was written to the churches in Galatia. Also, to all people... to you in this room. (Note again 2 Timothy 3:16 among other places... For example, Between 1 and 2nd Corinthians, Paul written another letter that was not recorded as Scripture -- so it was not for us today.)

Q4: What is the basic problem in the church of Galatia?

(A: substituting the Gospel with something else... salvation by works of the law. NOTE: People might phrase their answer several different ways.)

Q5: Do we have this problem in churches today?

In what ways?

Q6: How do Christians fall into the trap of using their works to make themselves feel righteous before God, instead of trusting in what Christ did for them?

(A: E.g. on a personal level

in judging other people and the standards you hold out for them

in what you view as necessary to be a Christian....)

Q7: Discuss the overall message that the book of Galatians has for the church today...
Can you summarize it in one sentence?

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